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Freedom to choose wallpaper

Desire to choose wallpaper

Imagine the number of rooms where you spend a day. A living room, a bedroom a bathroom, an office, a restaurant, a hotel, a commercial facility and so on. People mostly spend their time in buildings and wallpaper is usually put up on their walls and ceiling. As the word interior comes from the Latin word interus, wallpaper which decorates the inside of a building and surrounds a life represents just interior.

Now, let's think how the interior was planned when you built your home. The flooring decided from the various samples, the chair designed by your favorite designer, the TV board and sofa you saw in the showroom ... Each item must be selected from a variety of choices thinking your ideal living space and you must have enjoyed the process itself. However, how many people have you imagined to choose a wallpaper when you coordinate your room? When thinking about an interior plan, a wallpaper has become a kind of blind spot.

Wallpaper originally has the power to determine the overall impression of the room so that it cannot be compared to other interior items. If it is used well, wallpaper can be the core of living space coordination.

The members of our association are working on unique wallpaper made from genuine materials such as textiles, paper, leaf, earth, wood, stone, and the imported wallpaper with an elaborate design. So, we know that there are many such wonderful wallpapers in the world that are much more designed and touching, and enrich your daily life. However, as a producer or seller, only a few of the infinite possibilities of wallpaper can be introduced to you. This is a very painful situation for us.

Therefore, we have launched this website because we wanted to provide consumers who are interested in interiors with the true meaning of “freedom to choose wallpaper” and “desire to choose wallpaper”.

We would like you to introduce the true value of “wallpaper”, the trump card of total interior, on this site.


At the manufacturing site,

Wallpapers you can

see and enjoy

Many of the wallpapers we produce are more than just a word and explanation. Isn't it the best to actually see our manufacturing? From this thought, we decided to make the wallpaper production site that we have never shown to public.

We would like you to visit our factories and take a close look at the process of making the wallpaper you are interested in. Watch the craftsmen's handiwork and the products been finished gradually, and enjoy the process of creating a single wallpaper. After knowing the background of the wallpaper you have chosen, we want you to enjoy the satisfaction and feel “I was really happy to choose this wallpaper”.

If we can tell you something about our manufacturing efforts and the value of our products through the factory tour, there will be no happiness beyond this. We look forward to your visit.


The Textile and Paper Wallpaper Industry Association


The Textile and Paper Wallpaper Industry Association was established in 2001 by the leading companies that manufacture and sell material-based wallpaper such as textile wallpaper and paper wallpaper. We started to use gold and silver leaf wallpaper, sprinkled material wallpaper, and imported wallpaper, etc. afterward. Today our industrial association consists of 43 companies; 26 regular companies and 17 associate companies that are mainly manufacturing makers and brand makers, and we keep growing.

We have been working on sharing information on the wall covering industry and quality control such as fire prevention certification and trying to improve the quality of products of member companies.

In the future, we will expand our activities to promote publicity of more elaborate material wallpaper and imported wallpaper of member companies. As part of the activities, we welcome factory visits so that you would feel more familiar with our “manufacturing”, what we call “monozukuri”. As a first step, we would like you to take our material-based wallpaper in your hand to have a look. We also would like to serve you not only in improving quality of our products but also in contributing to produce affluent space through the manufacture and sale of our wallpaper.

Speaking of the advantage of woven cloth, it is the gorgeous appearance that is unique to the real thing. The texture pattern of the yarn creates a sense of depth, and there is a special kind of volume and warmth unique to textiles. By changing the threads, you can enjoy different types of tastes. When using silk, you can have more of a luxurious taste. If you prefer a rustic feel, we will use hemp and cotton.
There are three kinds of paper wallpaper; western paper made from wood pulp, Japanese paper made from Kozo and Mitsumata plants and special paper made from non-wood paper such as kenaf non-wood paper. There is a wide variety of fashionable and sophisticated print patterns, and they can be used for small lot designs. Because they are natural materials, we can provide a cozy space in an environmentally friendly way.
A leaf is a kind of metal which is thinly stretched by traditional techniques. There are various types such as gold leaf, silver leaf, aluminum leaf and sulfur leaf. We have a wide range of leaf wallpaper including the one carefully stuck together by hand work and the one printed, copied or embossed which designs are comparable to handmade wallpaper. Please enjoy a sublime aesthetic space with the gentle lights of gold and silver.
This type of wallpaper is made by sprinkling various materials such as glass beads, natural stones, diatomaceous earths, pulp chips, natural wood chips, and rice husks. It produces a glossy design created by glass beads, a painted wall tone using natural stones and diatomaceous earth, and a design unique to the characteristics of the materials such as pulp chips that create a soft space. Please enjoy a wonderful space with texture,asperity, glossiness and matte feelings emanating from real materials.
People like patterns highly designed, fashionable and gorgeous overseas, where the culture of using wallpaper for an interior is firmly embedded.
Most of the imported wallpaper is 52-53cm wide, about the same width of a woman’s shoulders, and a lot of the Japanese wallpaper is about 92cm effective width (finished width), so the imported wallpaper is about half the width of the Japanese product.
In many countries abroad, they repaper the walls by DIY whenever they redo their houses.
For that reason, their wallpaper is made in an appropriate shoulder-width size, easy to DIY.

Thank you for contacting us.

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